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Changes Coming to OverDrive Holds

Starting March 2, OverDrive is changing the way you receive holds (Libby, too). Holds redelivery will be replacing the auto-checkout feature for all new and existing holds. Don’t worry! This new feature will give you more flexibility to manage holds and allow you to suspend a hold even after it’s made available to you. Check out this video explaining the changes.

Here are the points to remember:

  • You must log-in when you hold is available and borrow the title within 3 days.
  • If you no longer want your hold, you have two options: Suspend the Hold (redeliver it) and pass the book to the next person in line OR Cancel the Hold.
  • After you set a suspension period, you will be able to borrow the item when it becomes available.
  • You won’t lose your place in line if you choose to suspend the hold. It freezes your spot.

If you have any questions, visit your local library or visit OverDrive’s website for more information.

  • Pam, Bridgeville Public Library.